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Ittymaani: Made in China is a comedy film and Mohanlal plays Ittimaani, a Christian character based in Kunnamkulam, Thrissur who has a few connections in China.

Ittymaani was born and lived in China for 10 years and later moved to his home country, India. Ittymaani now runs a catering business in his hometown Kunnamkulam, Thrissur and owns an ambulance whose driver is Sugunan, his close buddy, but his main business is selling knockoff products of anything from electronics to cashew nuts, a family business that trace back to his grandfather who immigrated to China and is said to have kickstarted the now famous knockoff products business in Chinese markets. Ittymaani takes commission for any money transaction he does including when his mother Theyyama was hospitalised for treatment.

Annamma is Ittymaani's neighbour and family friend who lives alone estranged by her three children—Alex, Ajo, and Xavier. Annamma invites her sons and their wives and children for holidays, but they make any excuse each time for their absence, still, Annamma believe in her children and expect them to come by next holiday. Annamma learns the true self of her children when she was hopitalised after a cardiac arrest and her sons and their family refused to cancel their vacation trip to Munnar for visiting her. At Munnar, Alex receives a phone call informing that Annamma died.

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