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Siddharth Abhimanyu is a rich and powerful scientist who commits many medical malpractices for money. Hence, Mithran, a dutiful IPS officer, sets out to expose him and bring him to justice.
Release date: 28 August 2015 (India)
Director: Mohan Raja

45 Not For Nation But Its Only For U.mp3Download 
44 Siddharth Is Fatally Shot By Shilpa.mp3Download 
43 Siddharth Accepted The Deal.mp3Download 
42 Sengalvarayan Have Not Died.mp3Download 
41 Friends Sacrificed.mp3Download 
40 We Lost Our Jana.mp3Download 
39 Siddharth Has Been Arrested.mp3Download 
38 Siddharth Gets Anger On CM.mp3Download 
37 The Vicky's Murder Was Recorded.mp3Download 
36 Mithran Plays....mp3Download 
35 Mithran Found The SD Card.mp3Download 
34 Bug Was Removed.mp3Download 
33 Siddharth Turns To Kill Shilpa.mp3Download 
32 Yes To Love.mp3Download 
31 Mithran Finds The Bug And Shocked.mp3Download 
30 Siddharth Tells His Dad About Shilpa.mp3Download 
29 Finger Prints Matched....mp3Download 
28 Identifying The Finger Prints.mp3Download 
27 Mithran Cries....mp3Download 
26 Jana Was Tortured And Killed.mp3Download 
25 Siddharth Opens The Car Door.mp3Download 
24 Jana Fights For SD Card.mp3Download 
23 Siddharth Follows Mithran.mp3Download 
22 Siddharth In The Hospital.mp3Download 
21 Siddharth Visits Mithran's House.mp3Download 
20 Meeting With Proxies.mp3Download 
19 Back To India.mp3Download 
18 Surgery....mp3Download 
17 Intermission.mp3Download 
16 Angelina Is Killed.mp3Download 
15 Arresting The Three Proxies.mp3Download 
14 Siddharth Abimanyu At Switzerland.mp3Download 
13 Following The Proxies.mp3Download 
12 Siddharth Abimanyu In Action.mp3Download 
11 Siddharth Abimanyu Intro.mp3Download 
10 Going To Meet Minister.mp3Download 
09 Mithran Shows His Research.mp3Download 
08 Salute To The Rowdy.mp3Download 
07 At Mahima's House.mp3Download 
06 Chasing The Rowdies.mp3Download 
05 Proposal....mp3Download 
04 Mahima Intro.mp3Download 
03 Running To Training Academy.mp3Download 
1572057606wpdm_02 Mithran And His Friends Intro.mp3Download 
1572057604wpdm_01 Childrens Are Kidnapped.mp3Download 

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