Ambili, a naive and wide-eyed young man, is adored by everyone for his quirky traits. He hopes to marry his childhood love, Tina, and restore the lost bond with his friend and Tina's brother, Bobby.

Ambili Ganapathi (Soubin Shahir) a mentally ill yet lovable orphan man who lives with his Grandmother in a Town in Kerala. The film starts of with an insight of his relationship with his childhood crush Teena Kurian.(Tanvi Ram) Ambili faces his daily struggles in life with a smile, slowly winning the hearts of everyone in the village. Teena's Younger brother Bobby Kurian (Naveen Nazim) is a Cyclist and a Frequent Traveller whose passion is to get into the Guiness Records by having the Around the World Cycling Record Before heading to his cycling trip to Kashmir, he heads home to meet his family, where Teena expresses her desire to marry Ambili. Upset by this Bobby fights with Ambili and sets off for his trip to Kashmir. Ambili, who looks up to Bobby, manages to steal a cycle and follow Bobby.It is later revealed that Ambili's parents died in a Terrorist Attack at Kashmir when he was young. His father Major Ganapathi (Binu Pappu) was a Military Officer in the Indian Army and was the one who taught Bobby how to cycle. The journey eventually creates a bond between Bobby and Ambili. When they finally reached Kashmir, Ambili is filled with emotions as he remembers his family and growing up with Teena and Bobby.

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