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Saji, Bonny, Bobby and Francy are siblings who mostly do not get along. However, a series of events forces them to keep their animosity aside and support each other.

Saji Napoleon, Bonny, Bobby, and Franky are four brothers living in a small, cramped house in a wasteland area of Kumbalangi. Saji has anger issues, and often gets into fights with Bobby. Franky is ashamed of Saji and Bobby but he gets along well with Bonny, who is mute.

Bobby is a lazy wastrel who spends his days with his friend Prasanth. Prasanth introduces him to his girlfriend Sumisha through whom Bobby meets Baby. Baby upon seeing Bobby confesses to Sumisha she had a crush on Bobby while they were in school. And at the end of the day Baby becomes Bobby's girlfriend. They go to catch a movie and have a fight through the middle of it. The next day they make up and Bobby proposes to Baby who asks him to talk to her family.

Bobby asks Saji to accompany him to talk to Baby's family about their marriage. They meet Shammi (Baby's brother-in-law) who denies the proposal stating the bad reputation of Bobby's family. Saji tries to console Bobby and asks him to get a job. A fight ensues between Saji and Franky. Bonny who is protective of Franky hits Saji and Saji leaves the house to drink with his friend Vijay.

Saji says that his brother taunts him by saying he mooches off of Vijay. Vijay says he is right and that he cannot lend him money anymore. Saji being drunk tries to commit suicide and is saved by Vijay. Unfortunately, Vijay loses his life in the process.

Meanwhile, Bonny meets an American tourist Nylah, and the two of them end up spending a night together in the homestay owned by Baby's family. Shammi, discovers them and an argument ensues between them and then he kicks them out. Bonny invites Nylah to his house.

Saji is stricken with remorse with the death of his dear friend Vijay. He goes to Vijay's house to apologise to his wife and finds her in pain due to pregnancy; he takes her to the hospital. Sathi gives birth to a baby girl; Saji is then forced to take Sathi and her daughter to his house by boat. Franky is very happy to have women in the house, as it gives them some semblance of being a regular family.

It is revealed that Saji's father married Bonny's mother, who then gave birth to Bobby and Frankie. Their father died, and the mother left her children to join a religious mission, leaving Saji to be their father figure.

During the marriage of Prasanth and Sumisha, Saji meets Shammi and again talks about the marriage between Bobby and Baby but Shammi denies the marriage again . Baby makes up her mind to elope with Bobby. When her sister Simmy confides in her husband Shammi, he turns abusive and violent. It becomes clear from his behaviour that he suffers from some mental illness and behavioural issues, which make him manipulative and controlling. Shammi assaults Baby, Simmy and their mother, ultimately keeping them captive in their own home.

Bobby tries to call Baby and upon receiving no answer decides to check up on her. Bobby and his brothers arrive on the scene and a fight ensues between them and Shammi. The brothers after a lot of struggle finally trap Shammi with a net and set the women free. In the end Bobby and Baby are finally reunited and get married.

Shane Nigam as Bobby Napoleon
Soubin Shahir as Saji Napoleon
Fahadh Faasil as Shammi
Anna Ben as Baby Mol
Sreenath Bhasi as Bonny
Mathew Thomas as Franky Napoleon
Grace Antony as Simmy
Sooraj Pops as Prasanth, Bobby's friend
Ramesh Thilak as Murugan aka Vijay
Jasmine Mètivier as Nylah
Riya Saira as Sumeesha
Baiju Johnson as Baby and Simmy's Uncle
Sheela Rajkumar as Sathi
Ambika Rao as Baby and Simmy's Mother
Ajith Moorkooth as Psychiatrist
Ansal Palluruthy as Shyju
Dileesh Pothan as Police Inspector Raju Unni (Cameo appearance)
Poli Sharath as Bar DJ

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